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"Swans" 11 x 14, oil on linen - Private Collection, Dunedin, Florida

It is true that in this modern age one can have a photographic portrait taken. Although this can be an art in itself, in as few as 10 years a photo can begin to fade. However, as seen in many museums, a good quality hand crafted oil portrait can last hundreds of years and can retain its color as if it was just painted yesterday. Creating a likeness and capturing the personality along with the proper mood is one of the greatest challenges an artist can face. Yet, when skillfully captured, a fine portrait becomes a treasure and a tribute to the sitter. Ed Salazar's portraits have proven to successfully accomplish such a task.

Since oil paintings last so long and have been passed on as an heirloom for centuries from one generation to another, it is said that a sitter becomes "immortalized" in a portrait. Why not commission your own or one for someone you love?

"Apple and Cannister" 9 x 12, oil on canvas - Private Collection, New York, New York

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