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"Tulips" 16 x 20 oil on masonite - Private Collection, Patterson, New York

How to Commission: After your initial enquiry, I will first meet and discuss your ideas and preferences of size, composition and style. A rough sketch will be done during the meeting to plan the composition of the elements and the crop of the portrait. It is helpful to see where it will hang in order to get a better idea of colors, style and arrangement. A target date will then be agreed upon. A 50% deposit is required before beginning the portrait and final payment is due upon completion.

Photographic reference: After the initial planning meeting a photo session will be scheduled. During the photo session, which may last approximately 1-2 hours, between 20-100 digital photos will be taken, depending on the complexity of the portrait. Afterwards, the best options will be selected on a laptop computer or an iPad. Elements can be combined from separate photographs and unwanted elements can easily be omitted. A comprehensive sketch reflecting all of the elements of the composition will then be made, either on Photoshop or hand painted and delivered for approval. Once approved the final painting will begin.

Color sketch from life: (OPTIONAL: For human subjects only) If the portrait subject has the time and is willing, a painting session from life can be scheduled on another day, which would last about 3 hours, with breaks every 20 minutes. The color study will then be referred to on the final portrait, primarily to ensure better color quality.

Verification: When the portrait is completed, a digital proof of the final painting will be sent via e-mail. Only if you are completely satisfied with this image will the portrait be delivered. Upon final approval the final payment will be made.

Turnaround: Turnaround time depends on the portraits that are currently being working on, but I usually have a waiting list somewhere in the range of 4 - 6 months. Rushed portraits may be accepted under special circumstances, however, an additional fee may be required.


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